10 janvier 2022

New publication out : Mihnea Tanasescu - Understanding the Rights of Nature. A Critical Introduction

Mihnea TANASESCU, associate researcher at CESIR, announces the release of his new book entitled Understanding the Rights of Nature. A Critical Introduction.

The book is available in open access here



Here is the abstract :

Rivers, landscapes, whole territories: these are the latest entities environmental activists have fought hard to include in the relentless expansion of rights in our world. But what does it mean for a landscape to have rights? Why would anyone want to recognize such rights, and to what end? Is it a good idea, and does it come with risks? This book presents the logic behind giving nature rights and discusses the most important cases in which this has happened, ranging from constitutional rights of nature in Ecuador to rights for rivers in New Zealand, Colombia, and India. Mihnea Tanasescu offers clear answers to the thorny questions that the intrusion of nature into law is sure to raise. The text is the result of a long-term research project on the rights of nature. Tanasescu adopts a political theory framework to analyse the power dynamics that inevitably accompany rights of nature laws. Until now, this topic has been covered most extensively from a legal and an advocacy perspective. This is the first book that offers a thorough critique of rights applied to nature, grounded both theoretically and empirically.